Wednesday, July 13, 2011

KSA on Light:

KSA’s Chris Good spent the last few months wondering why LED manufacturers have devoted so much time and effort to trying to design a replacement for the ubiquitous incandescent A-Lamp. The linear nature of LED illumination is simply not well suited to replace the omnidirectional glow of the traditional “light bulb”. If we are truly interested in finding ways to convince the general public to adopt LED, perhaps we need to think differently about how to introduce this efficient new light source. Instead of focusing our efforts on replacing the A-lamp hidden behind decorative shades and shrouds, we should be using the advantages of LED to turn these decorative elements into the actual light sources themselves. Think of the opportunities in hospitality and residential design applications! From table lamps to chandeliers and from pendants to residential ceiling fan light kits, the opportunities are right within arm’s reach.

If you had the opportunity to integrate LED into decorative elements or features what new direction do you think lighting could take?

Thanks for reading and we encourage you to share your thoughts!

Christopher M. Good, CID, ASID, LEED AP
Associate Principal


  1. Terry McGowan speaks to this in residential lighting in this AMA video at

  2. Thanks for the comment and the great link Rob. I firmly beleive that for us to adopt LED or other technologies we need to stop focusing on trying to replace or replicate exisiting features and start creating solutions that make use of these technologies inherent qualities.