Wednesday, July 20, 2011

KSA on Branding:

Branding Culture Shock?

Our brands mean infinitely more than colors and logos. Branding is an all-encompassing subject matter that increasingly relies on the understanding, cultivation and establishment of culture. Identifying your corporate culture is one thing, but branding it is another.

Talk to your customers and employees---are they happy with the current culture? Do they shape the culture? Are there changes to be made? How is your culture perceived from the outside? How do you wish it to be perceived?

If you are not taking control of this aspect of your brand you can be certain others will. Develop your culture into your brand and LIVE it. Inform external clients about who you are and allow them to become an integral component. Engage internal team members in the same way and allow them to nurture the culture and brand.

The more you let people in, the more trust you will establish, and the more your culture and brand will align.

So—what culture does your corporate brand represent?

Let us know how you think culture and brand are integrated and what your organization can do to its environment, operations, or outlook to better integrate culture and brand.

Kate Croy

Radford University
Department of Interior Design & Fashion.
Interior Design Intern, KSA Interiors.

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