Friday, February 4, 2011

Project Spotlight! Lexington Court Rehabilitation & Healthcare

“Imagine a spa-like rehabilitation center where every patient is treated with kindness and skill, and families find support and understanding.” This is the culture reflected in the newly renovated Lexington Court Rehabilitation & Healthcare facility, a senior living community committed to caring for and about its residents.

Creating the “spa” atmosphere in the 30-year-old Lexington Court facility required major renovations to the lobby and reception area, rehabilitative spaces, dining and recreational rooms, and resident rooms.

3D Conceptual Rendering - KSA Interiors
The KSA Interiors design team began the initial phase of this project with a comprehensive feasibility study for the redesign of the community. The key objective of the project was to convert 66 semi-private resident rooms into 23 private rooms and 10 semi-private rooms. The upgraded rooms required built-in storage and the option to have adjacent personal bathrooms. Included in the study were the location of nurses’ stations, bathing and spa areas, visitor lounges, and dining and food service areas to make them convenient to the residents. New finishes, lighting, furnishings, and accessibility hardware were required throughout the facility. During the study, the KSA Interiors design team used 3D visualizations to ensure the project design objectives were met.

Entrance Reception - Actual Photo
The entrance lobby of Lexington Court was renovated to create an upscale impression of the community and increase resident safety. The Owner's objectives were to rearrange the orientation of the entrance to create an accessible pathway for residents and provide shared space for meeting areas and admissions. The design has positively impacted the residents and their families by providing an enhanced quality of life and an increased sense of security. The common areas include a living room, beauty shop, dining room, activity kitchen, and conference room which also serve as a game and movie screening room for residents and families.

Skylights and indirect lighting fixtures were located along resident corridors and public areas to provide a greater level of illumination yet are sensitive to the glare issues of aging residents. The photographic artwork throughout the building features nature scenes, many taken by local artists of Virginia of scenes such as the Blue Ridge Mountains. A cohesive signage design helps "way finding" and provides a sense of continuity and cohesive message throughout the building.

Private Resident Room
Lexington Court’s rehabilitation wing was renovated to provide rooms with more accessible bathrooms and semi-private rooms that could transition easily into private rooms. Designing rooms that could transform from private to semi-private presented the challenge of creating a headwall that could serve both. The KSA Interiors team designed a custom unified headwall on which one bed could be placed for private rooms, and two beds could comfortably fit for semi-private rooms.

Rehabilitation Gym
Lexington Court's new rehab gym was built with state-of-the-art exercise and specially- designed equipment for physical therapy; a kitchen, laundry room, faux entryway with steps, and Mercedes-Benz are all situated in the gym to help patients become reacquainted with the "real-world" scenarios they would find at their own homes and public environments.

"The intent was to develop a spa-like atmosphere and market it to a new clientele: the rehab patient who may only be coming in for a couple weeks or months and desires higher- end accommodations and service," said Cameron Stiles, a principal at KSA Interiors. "In the process, though, by updating the shared areas, I think we enhanced the quality of life for everyone at Lexington Court including long-term residents and staff."

Visitor Lounge & Adjacent Office
Since the completion of these renovations, KSA's design team has had the pleasure of working with the Owner on their other communities in Virginia. Our team truly appreciates the collaborative relationships we have with our clients as it always results in the optimal solution for their communities.

For more information on our team's experience in Senior Living and Continuing Care Retirement Community environments, email or call our Marketing Department directly at 804-527-0131 x 104.

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