Monday, August 2, 2010

Project Spotlight! Meadowdale Library

Like libraries across the country, Meadowdale Library was striving to evolve with the changing needs of its patrons. In order to ensure Meadowdale’s relevance in the digital age, Chesterfield County moved forward on the design and construction of a new 20,000 square foot building that would meet twenty-first century demands. An immediate success, and an Interior Design Excellence Award winner in 2009, the new library has become a gathering place for county residents by promoting its multi-faceted services and resources.

Photo courtesy of Richard Fitts
The design objectives for this project were to create an inspiring and warm entrance to the library, provide large and open meeting spaces, craft peaceful areas for reading and studying, provide a defined children’s reading and story-time space, and to shape a digital environment by providing ample access to computers and other technological media.

Described as a “bright new space” by the Richmond Times Dispatch, Meadowdale Library is being celebrated by county officials, patrons, librarians, and library staff throughout the region. The essence of the library, as well as the color palette used, embraces the natural outdoors and makes the best use of natural light throughout the entire space. A positive effect of two-story windows and skylights, the library’s environment feels spacious, yet peaceful, especially in reading and study areas.

Photo courtesy of Richard Fitts
The children’s section of the library was designed to be a focal point with its large, plush mushroom cushions, child-sized activity tables, and brightly colored flooring. There is plenty of open space for story time for parents and children alike to enjoy.

Newly released books are showcased throughout the library on cylindrical shelving which is affixed to the library’s support columns. By utilizing innovative applications in shelving and casework, the library is able to offer additional volumes of reading material to its patrons. The library shelf space that formerly held 78,000 volumes now allows 90,000 volumes to be perused by all patrons.

Photo courtesy of Richard Fitts
  Computer workstations and laptop plug-ins are found in abundance throughout all areas of the library. The library meeting room also has a number of plug-ins to create a lab environment, as the library is often used as a satellite educational space.

The collaborative effort between Chesterfield County, Meadowdale Library's decision makers, the architect (The Design Collaborative), the interior designer (KSA Interiors), and most importantly, the end-users, produced a building that will meet Meadowdale Library’s needs today and for many years to come.

Meadowdale Library is very proud of their new home and welcomes everyone to visit and experience its interactive environment for learning, research, discovery, and of course, fun!

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